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Science page This page is dedicated to Petr Beckmann
Gulf oil leak info Info from industry professionals as to events surrounding the Deepwater Horizon accident
NASA prostitutes fan CO2 hysteria Government-subidized ex-scientists contributing to earthobservatory.nasa.gov answer a shill question implying that "scientists think that humans are causing global warming" yet cannot name three. This is because actual scientists--honest folks with science degrees--sign the Petition Project petition. The most important greenhouse gas is water vapor, increased by things like farm irrigation and university cooling systems. But no politicians will fund agencies that point to this inconvenient truth.  More...
Scientists say Sun warms Earth Until the Green Gestapo arrives to delete me, you will find here a short Physics Today article examining solar activity cycles and mathematical correlation of same with terrestrial temperature variations. Galileo be praised!
Scientists discredit global warming hysteria A group of politicians I voted against, calling itself the US Senate, has released a report in which over 700 scientists, with names, degrees, declarative statements and websites explain that the CO2 warming hysteria fanned by looter gurucrats and ex-scientists is a revealed faith with no basis in physical reality.
Global Warming Thermometer Swindle Now, two decades after Petr Beckmann pointed out (November 1989) that the econazis never used readings from the same temperature stations to chart their doom-data, we discover the stations themselves couldn't possibly be accurate. Most are situated in locations that violate design specifications and placement instructions. The detailed report by Anthony Watts is free in pdf from www.SurfaceStations.org
Petition Project in Portuguese This is an effort to allow scientists (people with science degrees in Portugal, Angola, Brazil and elsewhere) to sign the Petition Project petition. Once the bugs are out it will go on my Brazilian website. Feel free to comment if you know both science and Portuguese.
Habibullo Abdussamatov, head of space research at St. Petersburg's Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory in Russia --claims that increased solar heating is what warms the Earth. This explanation is also consistent with shrinking icecaps on Mars (Nat'l Geog. News Feb 28, 2007) and Titan. The Wikipedia article on the man smears his name in retaliation by claiming his observation "has not been accepted by the broader scientific community" and that "some" claim that "the idea just isn't supported by the theory or by the observations." Look up "mainstream" in the Wiktionary. It says "1. Purchased..." Make sense?
Opinions and Social Pressure Ever wonder how a board of directors works in practice? This search only now turns up the text of the Solomon Asch article describing a 1955 experiment which proves that three out of four individuals will lie through their teeth to go along with the perceived majority. This is with no pressuring, and on a simple, black-and-white issue. Only in 2006, did this text turn up on the web (I searched for years). For decades it was sold as a Scientific American offprint article for 40¢ by W.H. Freeman and Co. of San Francisco. If you want to understand democracy you should carefully consider the results of this experiment.
Econazis confirm Asch findings Professional clowns Penn and Teller (no relation) run a new version of the Solomon Asch experiment and prove that there is still no shortage of weak-minded fools.
On your Enemy's Terms The man in the photograph is the late Dr Petr Beckmann, engineer, mathematician, writer, and linguist. Living under an altruist dictatorship and grading undergraduate EE papers honed his ability to spot errors. Some of the most egregious lie in the way language is warped by the enemies of freedom. On Your Enemy's Terms gives examples of how sloppy language leads to sloppy thinking. The complete archive of Petr's early Access to Energy newsletter is online  here.
The Bozone Layer Do refrigerator chlorofluorocarbons threaten the extinction of all life on Earth? Ronald Reagan noted on September 18, 1987, that the ban on CFCs had the backing of politicians in 23 countries. During the next 30 days the stock market dropped by half a trillion dollars. This may have been coincidence, in part...
Baiting the econazis Professor Beckmann freed me from he sapping influence of the National Socialist Dupes Arboropartei which permeated the U. of Texas back in the 1970s and 80s like mildew. Click the link to see some of the letters to the editor collected in the Fort Freedom (his BASIC program then running on an AT clone made in Austin).
The Energy Advocate Serendipity led me to this familiar-looking newsletter by an actual scientist who dares to include factual data in his writings.
Golem Press books! Hard to believe, but there is a trove of books by Petr Beckmann for sale through this site.
Emission limits violation Click to see the Earth itself belching forth more bozone-destroying chemicals and scary gases than the all of the exhaust pipes and smokestacks since the industrial revolution. It took government meddling to produce the Love Canal and Chernobyl disasters, but this one was absolutely free. The thing was wasted on a mid-Pacific flyspeck, when we so sorely needed it in Washington! .

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