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Wikipedia hunting Wiccans? I too was once a brainwashed idiot child. I believed in devils, democrats and republicans, thought altruism was something good and couldn't differentiate a constant. But I never dreamt of anyone censoring or smearing honest scientists.
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Reading a post by Pat Dixon of the Austin libertarian party led me to add some links to the Science page and search for material by a Russian scientist (Habibullo Ismailovich Abdussamatov). When I found him deliberately smeared in the Wikipedia. Imagine my shame (I had recently made a small donation and even put up a panhandling Wikipedia weblink on another site).
As a volunteer editor I occasionally made minor repairs to Wikipedia articles, mainly to smooth grammar or improve translations. Once I corrected some tendentious language urging people to believe that the IPCC report was a scientific document, and its hysterical doomcrying "mainstream science," when it is in fact speculation published by political appointees to a political organization. The reaction was as you'd expect if an African descendant were to wander into a Ku-Klux Klavern in 1925 and call into question an essay on eugenics and the White Man's Burden. The shrieks and scolding are still enshrined on my volunteer's talk page there.
So looking up this Russian scientist I find a Wikipedia article giving folks to understand the guy is on the lunatic fringe for doubting Al Gore. Fearing it was a waste of time that would only stir up lynch mobs I told the discussion group what I was doing and changed the adjective "mainstream" to "political" and predicted looter censors would fall on it with shrieks of rage, which they did, just like last time, only now I was laying long odds on the outcome.
So sure enough out come the whirling dervishes with their censorwarez to remove the offending invitation to look at exactly what the label promised (a list of unbrainwashed scientists) roundly scold the infidel and offer to let me fill out Mother-may-I and yowsuh forms for the rest of the year if I wished to appeal.
On the plus side they did unvandalize and lock a deleted page which provides some info on scientists who require data instead of mystical faith, so it wasn't a total waste of time. I'm still taking down my Wikipedia link until this smearing of science ends.
Incidentally, this entire Cassandra movement takes the greed-is-culprit-therefore-totalitarian-control-of everything premises of National Socialism and enlarges them to global scale by blaming ALL greedy capitalists (instead of just the Jewish ones), and changing the pretext from racial to environmental purity. Thinking persons of course recognize them as variant Creation Scientists with slightly different dogma but identical coercive bent. I even saw a website claiming to be the John Birch Society speaking out against their intellectual twin Luddites. The result is that the greenies will now make folks think that doubting scientists are in league with conservative mystical bigots who so hate freedom that they call looters "liberals."
Parting Remarque I will pay admission to a stadium to watch mullas, prohibitionists, archbishops, tree-huggers, antiabortionists, field marshals, tax looters and gas nazis settle their differences like gladiators with very short knives.
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