J Henry Phillips 

Austin, Texas--Curitiba Paraná
Nationalsozialist Arbeiter in NASA? Q: Why do "scientists" think humans are warming the earth?
A: Real scientists don't. Real scientists circulate the Petition Project.
Water vapor is the most important greenhouse gas Nobody denies this. Pseudoscientists simply blank out the thought by Orwellian reality control. Remember when all life on Earth was threatened--not by Soviet nuclear weapons--but by interceptors designed to destroy those weapons if launched against us? Unmentioned was the politically correct alternative: preemptive surrender to altruist totalitarianism. Nor do econazis deny that coal-fired power generation--causing 45,000 deaths a year in the USA--is far more dangerous than Soviet Chernobyl-style weapons reactors. But contemplating those facts is not goodthinkful.
How to detect greenhouse fraud Use your browser to search apocalyptic Cassandra websites (or the more unctuous NASA pseudoscience pages) for water vapor. If that term is absent, you have found a pseudoscience propaganda site. A discussion of greenhouse gases that evades mention of the most important one is unadulterated fraud.
Why would NASA lie? Individuals lie, but they usually do it through groupthink, because of social pressure or fear of unemployment. The Solomon Asch experiment revealed the tip of an iceberg. People with an incentive to believe nonsense will believe that nonsense no matter what. It is the basis of all revealed faith. It works a lot like hypnotism but is universally enforced by torture and murder. The mystical worship of the Political State is no different. The State, however, can rob Peter to subsidize Paul. He who subsidizes the technocrat, determines the outcome of the quest for scientific truth. If looter politicians tell NASA to lie or their funding gets it, what do you think they will do?
The State Science Institute In Atlas Shrugged (by Ayn Rand) looter politicians subsidize "science" which in turn supports the foregone conclusions of looter politicians. When Walt Disney produced Fantasia, the dinosaurs died of global warming, as the science of a nuclear era steeped in relativity and quantum mechanics guessed things might have been. But questions about shocked quartz bothered geologists in 1986. When Alvarez and Alvarez argued in Physics Today the following year that their investigation of the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary layer led to the conclusion that catastrophic bolide impacts had killed off dinosaurs and brought on ice ages, the conclusion was challenged by fossilized specialists. The truth won out, but only because no government was paying subsidies to get government ex-scientists to lie about the situation. Such a move would neither raise government spending and taxation nor concentrate more coercive power in the hands of the State. In fact, the finding was only officially canonized a couple of months ago in March of 2010.
The Statist Religion Ayn Rand and Nataniel Branden confused slower thinkers with references to the "mystics of muscle" as contrasted with the "mystics of the mind." Petr Beckmann also surprised people who delegate their thinking to others when he asserted that communism is a religion. But mysticism is the act of believing in assertions with no regard to their verifiability, truth or falsehood. Mystics regard this abdication from reason as the practice of "faith" which, by the standard of altruism, they deem a virtue. But if one actually reads translations of the christian Bible and the works of Goebbels, Engels and Al Gore it becomes clear that the Political State has replaced the Deity in many coercive and mystical secular religions. They embrace censorship (the Wikipedia is infiltrated by its acolytes, who proclaim that UN bureaucrats are privy to mystical revelations of scientific fact, and censor with panicky immediacy any reference to the Petition Project which allows genuine scientists to dissent). George Orwell witnessed this in the gyrations of his looter comrades, and referred to the attendant self-deception as "reality control" and heresy such as Galileo's as "thoughtcrime." Scientists are woefully unprepared for this, and have difficulty recognizing Green National Socialism as another State Religion, so even the ones with backbone enough to speak out, lack motivation in that the danger is still not evident to them. This is a failure of philosophy.
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