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Freedom or coercion? Why vote for the Libertarian Party if they're sure to lose? Because you win!
Brazil's 32 Political Parties Not a single voter in Brazil knows the actual names behind all the acronyms that disguise their "choices" in an election. Here they are translated into English. (more...)
To John Donahoe of eBay So eBay is alluva sudden yelping about the looter kleptocracy fastening a tax on everything sold online. John Donahoe now wants us to snivel to the politicians elected by corporate cowards like himself! eBay's board of directors is getting exactly what it deserves... (more...)
Libertarian Party in the UK Merrie Olde England may cease to be a nanny state beseigeable by U-boats. If this had happened 100 years ago they'd've beaten the NSDAP, sold nuclear technology to the Yanks and be colonizing the Moon and Mars. Better late than nevah, wot?
Libertarian Party in Brazil The looters require that the LP assemble half a million petition signatures to get on the ballot. So be it.
Brasileiro? Clique no link para baixar a ficha. Já que a Constituição te obriga a votar, tenha ao menos um partido diferente dos esquadrões das ditaduras da chamada "esquerda" e "direita".
H.L. Mencken Author of "A Treatise on Right and Wrong," which in February 1934 formed the basis of much of what Ayn Rand later compiled into a biocentric code of virtue ethics. "If there arose tomorrow a band of fanatics advocating cannibalism that was as daring in political enterprise and as skillful in rounding up morons as the Anti-Saloon League was in 1919, two Congressmen out of three would be converted to its gospel instantly, and three public-school teachers out of four would probably be serving it as evangelists within a month. In the field of government all the ethical sanctions simply cease to be."
Ayn Rand
Transplanted from Russia in 1926, this young philosopher saw altruism unleashed in Bolshevism and glorified in Eisenstein's first film, the Russian silent movie "Strike." She lived through the Crash of 1929, read H.L. Mencken whom, in July 1934, she addressed as "the greatest representative of a philosophy" to which she wanted to dedicate her life, and went on to write Atlas Shrugged -- a devastating response to both "Strike" and the earlier Bible of altruistic collectivism "Equality" written by Edward Bellamy. Get it free from Project Gutenberg: Equality is the exact opposite of Atlas Shrugged.
William Graham Sumner Sumner is best known for a series of essays on The Forgotten Man--which the Merriam-Webster's and Random House dictionaries lie about in their definitions. Although too weak on fundamentals to properly debunk Edward Bellamy's rhetorical assaults on individual rights, Sumner made important contributions to political philosophy, ethics and economics. His writings inspired Henry Louis Mencken and Ayn Rand, both of whom refer to his Forgotten Man in its true and original sense, undistorted by looter politicians.
India, 28 March 1893 Hear this speech by Dadabhai Naoroji on how England overtaxed India during the crisis of 1893. In 15 minutes he covers the Salt Tax robbing hewers of wood and drawers of water to support exploitation by foreign invaders.
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