J Henry Phillips 

Austin, Texas--Curitiba Paraná
An Open Letter To John Donahoe of eBay
You ignored the lessons of history Dear John Donahoe,
Thanks for writing about the looter politicians—the ones I voted against—plotting to rob and coerce you. The platform of the Libertarian party is opposed to this and all other coercive meddling, and even now, as you are feeling the pinch of legislation made possible by a century of socialist, prohibitionist, communist and other political parties of the looter persuasion, you choose to ignore the only party that could reverse this century of change.
You should have bothered to know better If you were the basic moron who never read a book and soaked in daytime teevee I would feel only pity. But as a supposedly informed manager of a powerful corporation you are reaping the harvest of your own dereliction, and you have my scorn to go with it. When was the last time you troubled yourself with the definition of a "right" (as in individual rights)? When did you last read ANY party platform? If you had read the GOP platform you could compare and see it is but a watered-down version of the prohibitionist platform (as in 18th Amendment, Al Capone, 16th Amendment, still running candidates today). Had you read the so-called Democratic party platform you would see a pale imitation of the Communist Party USA platform (still getting votes today). All of these are online, proudly displayed for any who give a damn to examine and compare. But noooooooo....
Your intellectual cowardice is what sanctions the abuses you now yelp about Instead you come whining to me to suck up to those same looter politicians begging them to alluva sudden become champions of free enterprise and stop peddling pull to your corporate buddies at Amazon. Well guess what... it ain't gonna happen. First they know I am not a supporter of mystical altruism in its communist or positive christianity variants, so the hypocrisy would be transparent. What motivates looters was spelled out in Plunkitt of Tammany Hall, routinely assigned as high school reading material (as in books, Atlas Shrugged, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress--those rectangular things we buy and sell on eBay). The GOP and Dem looters care only about whose hand is in the till, and to that end will nationalize your Mercedes, confiscate your bank account, throw your kids into buttrape prisons for weed, and confiscate your mansion and the plot on which it stands if that is what it takes to get the votes of cowards like yourself. In "The Case for Voting Libertarian" I show that it is third-party votes that show these robbers what policies to change. Just as the socialist and prohibitionist parties ushered in the looter kleptocracy that has suddenly obtruded upon your notice, so the Libertarian party could boot it out into the street--unless more people were to follow your advice and grovel on their knees instead.
The moral of the story: You are getting exactly what you deserve, so don't come crying to me.
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