Matt Wilson This is my son Matt. Note the rugged good looks and brightness.
Luiz Zanetto Is living in Minas Gerais, and is a kind of sound engineer (Divine Sound) for bands
Kenneth Grandchamp Is living in Geneva, Switzerland
Solange Hibbs Our neighbor Solange Hibbs, who lived between the Grandchamps and Phillips houses in Rio, is now a French interpreter and a University professor at Tolouse in France.
Iaco de Souza Netto Is living just outside of Curitiba on Iacozgur's Farm, brother Zanetto is in Búzios
Yoshito Matsumoto Whereabouts unknown, but possibly in Japan
Takashi Yoshida Whereabouts also unknown, along with Wolfgang and Rajiv from Ginásio Nelson in Rio
Putter Williams Is living in North Carolina, I believe, across the state line from my genius niece Tanya and her adorable daughter Maya.
Steve Williams Our surfer extraordinaire is living in Gávea, Rio de Janeiro. Steve's sister Mary lives in Florida, search BACC.
Barulho Brasileiro Is the Class of 1947 outfit that, kinda like the acapella Persuasions, still ain't got no website, but relies on mailing photocopies of EA alumni and hosting parties, always far from Texas Someday we will be online.
British School of
The Hogwarts of Brazil--divided into Drake house, Nelson House and Churchill House, still has no alumni association--but if you studied there let me know and we'll make a site. One Ian McCloskey has turned up but does not have a website--yet. I remember Donald Brooks, Susanne Ludwig, Simone Ludwig, Carol de Ruy, Robin de Ruy, Anselmo Duarte and sister Lidia/Lydia, Solomon Shrem, Case Morris, Danny Zilka, Mr. Walker (aka Vaca Branca) the math teacher, Freddy Laje or Lage, Rafael Palermo, Georgy Dropa, The Peixinho brothers, and many more by first name: Lucia, Marian, Karen, Chad, Batista...
Winston Carson (aka Jim) wrote from Pennsylvania and recalled João Freyre and his brother, teachers Barbara Giddens and G. Craig Evans, the coach, Mrs Wicke, the school's German nurse, Alan Pickthall and Eliane Band, Magnus Nordberg, Erika Haarhaus de Kleermacher, Case's daughter Gillian.... There is a Facebook page for BST
Nelson School
of Rio
Also Ginásio Nelson, Rio de Janeiro. Same as above only without the Hogwart associations. Classmates were Wolfgang; Gabriela, Yoshito, Takashi, Rajiv...
OLM, Rio Our Lady of Mercy in Rio. Still looking for Maureen and Mary Reamy, John Anderson and other classmates from that era.
EA Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro where our peripatetic crowd included Felipe Rodrigues, Karl and Patti Miller, the Meise brothers, Phyllis Huber, David Huber, Sue and Ricky Strickland, Alan Pfannig, Adam Kent (a lawyer in the West Coast) and a large supporting cast taught by Dr Rupert Fox, Mrs Miller, our guidance counsellor...
Cascia Hall Prep school in Oklahoma where applied electrodynamics, compound interest and probability theory found practical application based on the writings of John Scarne. Pals Stanley Miller, John Harwood, Grady Reynolds and Tommy Thompson (before he was replaced by John Belushi) were enrolled there.
Charles Lovell Last seen living in New Orleans, LA. Sister Bonnie last heard of in Dallas.
Bill Hall Bill Taught English at Brasas in the 1970s, designed geodesic domes and produced lightshows. Whereabouts unknown.
Herbie Lang Lived at the Favela Americana in Rio near Horto, whereabouts unknown
Billy and David Peters Bill is an architect out on the west coast and David recently moved to the DC area.
Karl Sweet Whereabouts unknown, but saw his brother at the airport in Rio back about 1972
Debra Lena Davis Was living in Bristol Texas, with husband, daughters, dawg, chickens and a neighbor ostrich
Lisa Barner Living in Irving, near Dallas
Jan Allen Whereabouts unknown, but probably not too far from Richardson.
Steve Buhner Socked away in the hinterlands of Colorado, not far from where D.H. Lawrence, Frieda, Aldous Huxley , Matthew and Maria lived for a while.